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Who is Miguel Mendoza?

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker

I was born to help your legacy

Miguel Mendoza has always been ambitious since he had football dreams as a young child. His first great battle came when he was 13 years-old. He was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis. Miguel ended up leaving the United States to seek alternative treatment and was cured in 6 weeks at a clinic in Jalisco, Mexico.

Miguel faced a large internal battle mentally and physically during his time in Mexico. He discovered his vision for his life when his mother showed him a motivational self-help book called "The Success Principles by Jack Canfield." As a 14 year-old young man, Miguel's eyes were opened and learned life has no limits as long as you maintain desire and discipline.

After Miguel was treated, he went back home to the state of Washington to fulfill his goal of playing football and ended up playing at the college level.

After lack of eligibility and injuries, Miguel had to play at the community college football level. During his Jr college football career, Miguel became a father at the age of 20 to his son Marcus.

While balancing school, work, football and sharing custody for his son, Miguel defied the odds and received football scholarship offers and ended up attending Willamette University.

After college, at age 23, Miguel went on to open a business called Leave Your Marc LLC (name inspired by his son Marcus). Initially, Miguel's business consisted of speed and strength training for athletes. He stood out as a trainer for excelling in helping young athletes break down the mental barriers it takes to take their game to the top level. Then the brand of Leave Your Marc would become much larger.

At age 26, Miguel went full-time into motivational speaking and podcasting. He kept the name "Leave Your Marc" since the message never changed. His vision is to help people understand their life has no limits regardless of their circumstance and to help anyone fulfill their true life's vision. As a result of hearing Miguel speak and then applying the advice to your life, you will Leave Your Marc.

Miguel Mendoza

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